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Phoenix Front Loading Digital Lock Depository Safe with Inner Locking Door 3.48 cu ft

Part No. 992E

Model 992E, Phoenix Front Loading Digital Lock Depository Safe with Inner Locking Door 3.48 cu ft

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Condition New, Factory Direct-Ship
Brand Phoenix
Part No. 992E
Dimensions 30"H x 20"W x 20"D
Interior 6.75"H x 19.75"W x 15"D (Upper)
12"H x 19.75"W x 17"D (Lower)
Deposit Slot 11.25"W x 2.75"D
Weight 214 lbs
Lock Digital Keypad (Main)
Key Lock (Inner)
Size 1.15 cu. ft. (Upper)
2.33 cu. ft. (Lower)
Warranty 3-Year Parts and Labor

Features of the Phoenix 992E

The Phoenix 992E is designed with two compartments. When you open the safe, a key-locked portion on top is where the deposits end up. The bottom portion can then be used for storage. This is ideal if you want to give employees access to the safe (i.e., for cash drawers) but not the deposits. Every Phoenix depository safe is manufactured to the highest standards and combines robust security with a pleasing design.

Rated Class B Steel for high security and protection

Special Phoenix tilting baffle plate ensures contents cannot be fished out.

Large capacity deposit area can accommodate money bags, envelopes, packages, and deposit capsules.

A digital combination lock on the main safe provides easy access as well as the ability to change the code as often as you like. Operates on AA batteries.

For added security all cashier depository safes are pre drilled for bolting to the floor and include a bolt-down kit.

The body of these depository safes is constructed from 1/4" steel plate, with a door of 1/2" solid steel.

The door is further reinforced with hardened anti-drill plates over the locking area.

An anti explosive device is fitted for extra protection over vital areas for increased protection and security.

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty on the safe and lock. If you have a problem contact us or Phoenix directly and we will send somebody out to take care of you at no charge.

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