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The Difference Between a "Data" Safe and a Fireproof Safe

There is a vast difference in both construction and price. In general a "Data Safe" is specifically manufactured to protect backup tapes and magnetic media during a fire. A standard fireproof safe is manufactured to protect primarily paper documents, and some can protect CDs, memory sticks, and USB drives. Below are key points to consider.

The following items must be placed in a "Data" or "Media" safe: DLT and LTO tapes, magnetic media such as 4mm, 8mm, DAT, or MiniDV tapes, film, and any photographs on film paper.

A data safe is (and MUST be) rated at 125 degrees - the maximum internal temperature of the safe during a fire. A standard fireproof safe will get much hotter inside during a fire and your magnetic media will be ruined.

Data safes maintain an internal humidity of less than 80%

If you place magnetic media such as backup tapes inside of a standard fireproof safe or fireproof file cabinet, in the event of fire your data will be lost.

WARNING Do not be fooled by our competitor's "data" or "media" safes. Read More

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