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FireKing 2-Hour Fireproof Media Safe - 20.60 cu ft

Part No. DS6431-2

Model DS6431-2, FireKing 2-Hour Fireproof Media Safe - 20.60 cu ft

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Condition New, Factory Direct-Ship
Brand Fire King
Part No. DS6431-2
Dimensions 76.81"H x 40.87"W x 32.19"D
Interior 63.12"H x 30.75"W x 18.56"D
Weight 1870 lbs
Size 20.6 Cubic Feet
Capacity 1134 DLT, 4665 4mm, 3240 8mm
Lock Digital Combination
Fire Rating 125 2-Hour
Security VDMA Lock Test
Warranty 1 Year (View Details)

Features of the FireKing DS6431-2

Computer Media is so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 125°F or humidity over 85%. Even a hot mug of coffee represents a real hazard, so imagine what a small fire would do. In a FireKing Data Safe, computer media is protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics.

Rated 125 2-Hour for data and magnetic media

Tested in Accordance With VDMA 24991 in Class S60DIS and EN1047-1

Impact Rated. The impact test includes heating for 30 minutes, dropping 30 feet onto concrete rubble, then reheating for 30 minutes. This simulates actual conditions in a fire when the floor gives out.

Digital combination lock provides quick access and the ability to change the combination as often as necessary.

RAL9002 Light Gray Color

1-Year Warranty on the entire safe and lock, Click for Details

Accessories for Fire King DS6431-2

Adjustable Shelf for DS6431-2
Part No. CS31-FS

Sale Price: $130.00 with Purchase of Safe



Multi-Media Pull-Out Drawer for DS6431-2
Part No. CS31-CD

A pull-out drawer allows easier access to your media and is designed to fit various media types.

Drawer Capacities and Maximums
DLT Tapes: Each Drawer Holds 81, Max 14 Drawers per safe
4 mm DAT: Each Drawer Holds 311, Max 15 Drawers per safe
8 mm DAT: Each Drawer Holds 216, Max 15 Drawers per safe
CD-ROM: Each Drawer Holds 239, Max 12 Drawers per safe
3480 IBM: Each Drawer Holds 104, Max 14 Drawers per safe
PC100 Zip: Each Drawer Holds 254, Max 15 Drawers per safe

Sale Price: $300.00 with Purchase of Safe


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